Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope you spend a few minutes viewing the various galleries and information. Glad to have you here.

I’ve been photographing people, pets, and nature for more than 25 years. I started as a yearbook photographer in middle school back in the film days. At that time, my focus was on portraits. In 2006, I built a highly acclaimed portrait studio in the Boulder, Colorado area specializing in high school senior and pet portraits. I loved working with people and pets, but always longed to do more nature and wildlife photography.

My love of nature began when I was a young girl trekking through forests and creeks looking for turtles and other wildlife. I guess that love stuck with me. I later earned a BS in Biology with special emphasis in animal behavior from Missouri State University. While at MSU, I participated in some amazing research projects, including a ground-breaking study of behavioral syndrome in tigers and a study of parental behaviors in Prothonotary warblers.

Having good research skills is a critical component for creating meaningful images of wildlife and the natural world. My background in biology and love of nature makes me a far better photographer. I’m always learning and trying to improve my images.

I love to travel and decided about a year ago that I wanted to realize my goal to explore and photograph as many National Parks as I could in my lifetime. So, I bought a 2019 Ram ProMaster van and spent many months building it out to my design specs. When it was finally ready to hit the road, the Coronavirus pandemic put those plans on hold. Now, with all necessary precautions taken, I hope to begin photographing and writing about my adventures throughout the National Parks of North America. I’ll be sharing all the details of those adventures in my new website: myzenventure. If you get a chance, hop on over and take a look.

Being a wildlife and nature photographer is not something I chose to be. It chose me. It’s my zen, where I find peace and fulfillment. All images showcased here are shot by me with no trapping, baiting, or enticement of any kind. All images are shot in the wild, unless otherwise specified. I strictly follow ethical photography practices at all times.

It’s important that we humans remember that we are stewards of this Earth and its inhabitants. We do not own the creatures who live here. They have just as much right to be here as we do. Respect and care must always be a priority when venturing into the wild.

Thanks, again, for stopping by. Feel free to leave comments or contact me with any questions you may have.